My name is Edith! I wander this wonderful world with my husband and two littles along with our furry lab named Moose. You can follow our story on The Traveling Taylor Tribe.


I have always had a deep passion for not just meeting people but their stories. Everyone in this world has a beautiful and unique story to tell. Every person’s story is important, valuable and shapes who they are. This project was birthed from the hopes of capturing images of those we meet along our own traveling journey as well as giving them space to breath to the world the tale of their own adventure. I am honored to capture those who wander and share their tales along the way.


All traveler stories are welcomed! Whether you travel in an RV, bus or van if you're a nomad I'd love to meet up! You share your story, I provide you with images of you and/or your family & your RV! Head over to the contact page to drop me a line. Cheers!

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