Hi! I'm Edith and the writer of this blog. I also pretend I'm a chef, a homeschool teacher, a photographer, a blogger and probably a dozen other things. I am the artistic, free-spirited, granola head in the family. On most days I'm keeping everyone  fed, alive and well documented along the way. In addition to this website, I am the heart behind Simply Kissed which is my photography blog about the raw and honest, grace filled adventures in motherhood. I also created Why They Wander! On that blog I have the honor of photographing many of the amazing people and families we will meet on the road as well as share their stories of obstacles and reasons as they too chose to travel. 



 Cody is the man with the original plan. He has always had the traveling itch but oddly enough waited until we were married with two kids and a career to make the jump. He is the reason we are able to attempt this wild adventure by working as a surgery technician at various hospitals. He is also definitely the one in the family with the organized, clean, quiet and meticulous personality. Aside from our family, mountain biking is his passion and traveling will allow him to experience all sorts of different trails along the way which he will get to review share about!



No those are not their real names. Just what Cody & I have called them since they were tinier than they are now. These two are the tornados to Cody’s perfectly organized world and the ones that make me a proud boy mom. Little Bear is the introverted big brother that loves his mom, puzzles, legos and anything that can transform. Little Bug is the one we sometimes call Babyzilla because of his loud and destructive personality. He is the extroverted chatterbox who is obsessed with music and the outdoors. Can you tell which one falls from which tree? These two are happiest when they are exploring outdoors, eating all of the food in the fridge or wrestling somewhere in the house.

How We Started Our Adventure

After 8 years of marriage, 2 kids, endless college classes & lots of different careers Cody & I began to feel like we'd never get to a place where we could go on all the adventures we once dreamed of. One day Cody sat me down and proposed an idea. What if he took work contracts at various hospitals around the country…and we went with him! Sooo let's recap. That means that I  would quit my stable job of 6 years, we would rent our little dream house that we just bought a year ago and live with our two busy little kids 24/7 in a 40ft trailer. After the awkward silence and a lot of questions the idea began to sink in. When we broke it down we honestly kept thinking well…why not?!? Honestly, what was stopping us? All of the reasons we came up with not to go suddenly began to seem so unimportant when compared to what we would have by going against the norm. Cody would have a job, we would have lots of adventures and most importantly endless amounts of time together as a family. We felt like a lightbulb went off to a plan that was always meant to be. We realized on that day, in the pizza parlor by the grocery store, that even though this adventure may not pan out like we plan or hope it will, we would always regret it if we didn’t at least try. We have this rare season in life where if its ever going to work it would be now.  


So here we are! Our sweet little family of 4 will be traveling the country while having adventures not just on the road but in parenting, in marriage and everyday life. We believe that life is just as messy as it is beautiful and promise to share equally as much grit as we do glam. We are so excited you are here to follow our tiny tribe as we walk out in faith on this wild, crazy, grand adventure.

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