Zoo Day // Boise Idaho

I intended to take way more photos than I actually ended up taking. When we decided to share our adventures, as much as I wanted to document them I didn't want the process to completely take me out of the experience. That being said the Boise Zoo was amazing but honestly I spent a ton of time chasing overly excited kids.

When we initially arrived at the zoo and were honestly pretty worried about parking. The actual parking for the zoo is incredibly crowded with very tight spaces. Not ideal for a huge long bed dully. In all honestly out of all of our traveling this was the first time we've had to park further away because of the size of our rig. Even then we simply went around the backside and found a spot in the local park.

The zoo itself is really well laid out with tons of stuff to do. Everything is pretty affordably priced which makes "doing it all" possible. The diversity in animals was pretty great although we did go during the heat of the day so a fair amount of them were sleeping. One exhibit they did have which Id encourage everyone to see and support was the Snow Leopards. If you haven't heard Snow Leopards are very rare and on the endangered species list. It was bittersweet to show our sons such an incredible animal but also knowing there's a possibility they might not be here when they grow up. All in all the zoo was an amazing experience and our kids fell asleep while we were buckling them in.

Maybe if kids had ears this big they could hear their parents better. haha

The butterfly exhibit was amazing. Our youngest is around two so we went in holding him and basically not allowing him to touch anything for the safety of the butterflies. Even though our oldest was terrified to have them land on him he was so brave.

The goats were extremely friendly and social. Feeding them was an absolute blast. There was a pregnant female goat and honestly seeing her pregnant made me never want to complain about my pregnancies.

The penguins and lions were pretty fun to see zip around. Our oldest said the lion was looking at his tiger shirt. He said the lion was wondering why it was so small.

The special meetings of the animals fill up FAST! There was definitely a line for most of them about 30 minutes prior to the events so I'd recommend going early. One of the really fun things we've been able to do is when we were there was feed the giraffe. We did have to wait in line and the kids began to get a bit antsy. The park staff let us know to try to get to this specific event as early as possible because while the goal is an encounter with each person, the sweet giraffe really is only going to want to eat so much lettuce. We paid our small fee (bring cash) and waited with our lettuce. Once we were up there both boys did loose a bit of courage. Giraffes are so much larger than you anticipate. Plus their long black tongues can be a little intimidating and not to mention can get accidentally lick your fingers.

Finally...I love that the kids are still kids. Notice my two year old "picking the elephants nose" which made his older brother roar with laughter.

Happy adventures friends!