Why They Wander: Expedition Family

Meet Expedition Family! They are the absolute sweetest little family of nomads. We met them while traveling through Idaho while they were staying at a fairgrounds. I mean...how pretty is that RV spot in town!?!? I didn't even think of staying at fairgrounds. Not to mention you HAVE to check out Ashley's incredible artwork! She has the most beautiful landscape paintings PLUS the coolest job! Huge thank you to this wonderful family for sharing their story & travels with us! Make sure to follow them along at the links below.

Happy Wandering Friends!

WTW: How long have you been traveling?

Kacy: Just over 14 months

WTW: Who's idea was it first to travel?

Kacy: Initially it was mine.

WTW: What was your spouses initial reaction?

Ashley: Well let's clarify because initially he wanted to sail around the world and I was kind of like "In a boat?!?" So I said well let's maybe try an RV first and see if we like it. I mean on a boat there nothing, you're just surrounded by water. Plus that's a way bigger purchase, a boat and a truck.

WTW: Do you guys sail then? Ashley: No! We'd have to not only learn how to be vagabonds but learn how to sail a boat! Haha

Kacy: We used to live here (Idaho), but when we lived in Alaska we would always go down to the harbor and watch people sail in and out.

Ashely: Yeah we have yet to sail. But we will go...maybe when we're board of this lifestyle.

WTW: Well that would definitely be a way to kick up the adventure a bit!

WTW: So you both initially from Idaho then. How did you end up in Alaska?

Kacy: We drove there. We went up through the states, into Canada and then across. We lived there for a few years for my job.

WTW: How do you financially support your traveling lifestyle?

Kacy: I am a project manager for mapping streams in Alaska. So my job is all remote and I can do that from anywhere.

Ashley: I am an artist as a painter. I paint for commission but also have a YouTube channel where I teach people how to paint and teach lessons online as well. Everything is online so now I can travel. When I did art lessons in my home in Alaska I knew I needed to get online. It's taken awhile to get everything online and where I want it to be but it's come together.

WTW: Is that how you decide what to paint is based off your travel for the non commisionwork?

Definitely! I paint what I see as we travel.

Why did you want to travel?

Kacy: We wanted to get out of Alaska. Every time we left Alaska it was to come and see family but at some point we wanted to take our kids to see other places. We wanted to take them to see all of the stuff we wanted to see too!

Ashley: We're both kind of adventurers. That's why we originally went to Alaska but after 7 years we wanted to go see other things too.

WTW: Were you always adventurous?

Ashley: I was. Were you? (to Kacy)

Kacy: Yes and no.

Ashley: Right after high school I moved to high school to play. I love being outside and seeing things and learning new things. I love to go new places. I mean growing up we would both go on vacations, but we wanted to do more than what those were. Like we're not just going to Oregon, we're going to go ALL over the United States.

WTW: How often do you move to a new location?

Usually between 4-10 nights. It depends on if we're driving through somewhere. We usually try to stay about a week or so.

WTW: Where is the coolest physical place you've been?

Kacy: Picking one is really hard but I really liked Capitol Reef in southern Utah. It's similar to Zion but like the mini version. Zion is so commercialized and touristy and so busy. Capitol reef is much smaller so you can still do similar hikes without the crowds. I am a geologist so I like all the rocks.

Ashley: I really like Carlsbad Caverns. It's the largest caves in North America. It just goes on and on forever. There's all these caves and everywhere I looked I wanted to take photos! I did want to paint it but I think it would be kind of a weird painting.

WTW: What is the coolest thing that you've seen?

Ashley: I think I'd have to say the white sands. I really thought it was cool and beautiful.

Kacy: The cactus forest in Arizona. It was so bizarre but so cool.

Ashley: Yeah you think nothings going to live there and then there's TONS of stuff living there.

WTW: What was the funniest experience you've had with your RV since launching?

Ashley: We were trying to go to a certain place in Ohio. We ended up being routed through amish country.

Kacy: Yeah! We ended up going down all these super teeny tiny backroads that were narrow with all these sharp corners.

Ashley: It was one lane with all these horse and buggies on the side of the road because we're this ginormous RV taking up the whole road.

Kacy: And then we got to the end of the road and the highway was right there. So we could have taken the highway around it. GoogleMaps does that to you once in awhile.

WTW: What is the hardest part about this traveling lifestyle?

Ashley: For me it's not having a lot of me time because I need that. I have this jar that needs to be full and it's always empty. I've had to go on walks and find ways to leave so that I can get that. It's just this tiny wall that divides us or door that has a crack in it so you're always near someone.

Kacy: It's not as hard for me. I think for me the hardest part is finding a balance between everything. Obviously were traveling so you want to do everything and see everything but you have to work and you have to have family time. Just realizing were not always on vacation.

WTW: What did you think would go one way that you realized is different on the road?

Kacy: We thought we were going to spend like a week in every state, we'll have it all done in a year and it'll be great! After about six months we realized we really needed to slow it down. We're doing nothing but driving and working and driving and working.

WTW: Are there any creature comforts that you miss?

Ashley: A bathtub! I mean I have a bathtub but I can't fit into it. I just want like hot water for like a year.

Kacy: I definitely miss taking long showers. I mean when you have a family six gallons of hot water runs out pretty quick.

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