Weekend One In The RV!

Well the first week had been anticipated for months and months. It was going to be amazing and perfect.

...aaand then real life happened days before. Little Bear got pink eye and Little Bug desperately needed to be sleep trained at 16 months which is oh so fun. I had a bad cold from baby cakes (who was all better at this point) with a side of asthma...oh...and then I was sweetly given pink eye. Yaaaay, thanks kids! Poor Cody. That guy was just trying to survive amongst the chaos without catching anything himself. Sick and all off we went with fingers crossed!

We have no cell phone service out there except for ONE tiny spot by a window on the left side if as long as you put it in the middle. Even then it's an iffy slow send/receive. I'm not gonna lie.


During the week I work 32 hours in an office. I do photography on the nights and weekends. I have 2 boys that I raise, a house and a whole life shoved into the little spaces in between. I am the absolute WORST person at taking a break, not working or anything that requires sitting still for more than 10 minutes (thank you ADD). This weekend breathed so much LIFE back into our family. But here we went on a walk, built the biggest leaf pile, played with the dogs, threw rocks in the river and just were together. I spent hours with my kids in those leaves, jumping, tossing and just being a mom. It was in that moment that I was sitting in wet, dirt covered leaves laughing hysterically as my kids screamed with joy that I felt with all of my soul that every single moment of pushing aside fear was worth it.

We got to set up a little bit of the RV which suddenly made it all seem real. Cody got to paint the entire master bedroom, along with a fresh coat in all of the rooms. We plan on putting up a super beautiful wallpaper by the master headboard that I'm stoked to show you. Plus there is going to be some super cute wallpaper in the boys room on some accent walls. Since we have a mid bunk there is a set of bunk beds just off the kitchen and then a loft above that. Since Little Bug can't seem to stop breaking, eating, drooling on or in all general ways destroying his big brothers toys/things the loft was made a big bro bungalow. I can not express how excited he was to have a place his little brother literally can't get to. Finally the legos, transformers, books with paper pages and unchewed crayons were safe. Between projects and family time we are feeling so much confirmation.

So that's the good. Lets get on to the comical shall we? I mean let's be honest as much as we've researched over the last year we're still newbies. In every way. When we first got there we knew we were running on a 30amp spot instead of a 50amp which makes things interesting. However even after that we kept losing power. After a few trips over to the main house we realized that the power to the RV spot had never been turned on and it had been running on batteries for the last 2 weeks. Problem one solved.

Later in the evening we needed to fill up our fresh water tanks. Since the well out there runs about as slow as molasses we fill up our fresh water tanks (which takes forever) and then run off of those. After filling them up Cody turned the low point valves. Unbeknownst to him he broke one of the O rings which fell on the ground. Water was pouring out of the RV and we couldn't figure out why. At this point I'm freaking out because he broke our RV (we have so much to learn) and he's out there trying to figure out how to get it to stop. Finally he searches on the ground with a flashlight in pitch black dark and sees the O ring, puts it back on and boom problem solved.

After those two eventful ordeals we finally retired to our bed praying that the kids would sleep. Luckily we had heaters in the kids rooms because lastly we ran out of propane in the middle of the night. Since of course no one ever runs out of propane during the day, nope, only at night. Especially on nights where it drops to the low 30's and there's a good wind chill.

Needless to say it was an eventful weekend. Filled with blessings, hiccups and a lot of us learning the ebb and flow of this life we are about to start. All in all I think it was a success.