We Are Home

Even if our adventures are never grand. Even if we live in cities so small. Even if our days are often more ordinary than extraordinary.

I will still love this life of family travel.

We left so much behind. So many friends, so many loved ones, so many things. My heart ached with worry that the days or work in between the play wouldn’t be enough.

Hoping that we would not grow bored or tired of each other living in a space so tiny. What would we do if we didn’t have all the things to attend, all events to rsvp to, all the appointments to keep. We were so plugged in, how could I ever live a life so unplugged?!? Tonight I cooked outside in the hot sun because I wanted our RV to stay cool. The kids played with water in a storage tub, always so filthy from head to toe. We eat outside every night, the kids rarely sitting in one spot for long. Yet when I came out it was if it all hit me at once.

I walked out to a picnic table of supper with screams of laughter at escaping naked baby butt cheeks, the sun shining down warming our skin and the chaos of life beautifully unfolding. Our children have bonded since we left. They make each other laugh more often. Our days are slower without much worry about preparing for things. My husband and I have grown closer. We seem so...settled.

Living fulltime is so much about the adventure, the places and the exploration. But even more so it’s about coming to a place where it’s just you, just your tribe. It’s about living a life so connected there is no other option but to grow and bond together in the most deeply rooted way.

Tonight it finally clicked.

And so far from home, I felt at home.