Wallpaper Reno!

You guys I am SO EXCITED to show you this!! Seriously I have waited quit a while to let you see this part of our renovation. From the get go we new we needed something a little "extra" in the rooms. I mean everything is painted, but there was something missing you know? Like it still looked like an RV. One night I stumbled upon B Darling Decor. This is my disclaimer...if you go to their website you will instantly find yourself needing at least 3 of the patterns immediately. I mean every pattern is seriously so incredibly beautiful. After spending what seemed like way too much time on their website dreaming of all the stuff I didn't need I finally made some decisions on which wallpaper we wanted to put in our new home.

One of the few reasons I wanted to order from them was they boasted a very easy to apply (and reapply if you mess up) wallpaper that's basically fool proof. Yes please! I'm not going to pretend I'm a renovation pro so the fact that the prettiest wallpaper was the easiest was an instant go. The other reason I decided to buy their wallpaper is that it said it worked really well in bathrooms! Our bathroom in the RV is very tiny and there's only one small vent for the moisture to escape so I definitely didn't want something that was going to bubble after the first warm shower. So it seems we have found or newbie proof wallpaper that also looked like I had spent way more money on it than I did.

First up was the boys room. We ordered the Mowgli wallpaper for their room. How cute is that name??! So the funny part about this was that we said oh we'll do the boys room. It's one giant wall with a few outlets. This will be the easiest so let's just do that one to start with. Never-mind the fact that we chose the one that had more lines to line up than probably any of their other patterns. Once we had cleaned the walls and let them dry, we "discussed" who would be holding the wallpaper and who would be pressing while lining up. Let's be real here, we're married and doing a major house project together...so even though this was fairly simple in the grand scheme of things we didn't sing Disney songs through it. Can I get an Amen from the marrieds?!? Anywho the hardest part about this was that the left side of the wallpaper had to be tucked behind the edge of the slide. Once we got to the right side we had learned our lesson and simply took out the drawers and doors so we had a much more open surface to work around. Once it was finally done we were so happy with it! I mean how cute is this gonna be while they play little animals on that green carpet next to their safari bedding?!?!

Next up was the bathroom with the Wynn pattern. This one was in fact the easiest and I have no idea why we didn't start with this one! It was a simple square that had no outlets or obstacles. We decided to put the wallpaper on the inside of the trim because of how it goes around the wall and how it runs into the towel rack. We wanted a very clean square look for the space. Eventually we are going to put a white shelf on the wall with some cute little succulents.

Now. You guys. AHHH! I'm SO excited! You ready?!?!?! I'm seriously beside myself with excitement of how sweet this turned out. First you have to let me explain so you'll understand WHY this particular renovation was so emotional for me. Like buckets of tears y'all.

When we launch we will be staying near hospitals. Our goal is to stay 30 minutes or less from a hospital so while on call, Cody can come home at night instead of staying at the hospital. It allows him to take more call while we still get to see him. We know that this means mainly we will be in the cities and more urban areas. As exciting as this is you have to remember we grew up in Oregon. Even more so surrounded by country, forests and endless trees. We wanted our bedroom to be a place we could find sanctuary admits all the chaos that will come with traveling. Sort of a haven when we are homesick, stressed our and need a place of peace that we once so often found amidst the forest. Often I'll stare out the window as we drive out to our RV and look at all of the trees as they pass us by. I love the way the fog would roll gently out from the pines. As if the sky came down to walk amidst the trees. It's one of my favorite scenes to stare out upon, the fog and the forest. One day I took a photo to remember our home.

It was only a few days later that I was scrolling through B Darling Decor's website and I saw their Caspian wallpaper. My heart stopped and my eyes welled as I knew exactly what I wanted to do in our bedroom. I looked at the wallpaper and told Cody it was as if they had come out to that road and take a photo from the same spot. It was like a vision of our home was staring back at me. We emailed one of their reps who was super helpful with figuring out the right size and amount of panels we needed for the odd space we would be wallpapering. I feel like I checked my email every day until it shipped because I was so excited. I'm not gonna lie, when we unrolled that wallpaper I teared up a bit. There was a part of me that instantly had so much peace knowing we'd be taking a little bit of home with us on our travels.

Installation was...ummm....rough. Not because of the wallpaper but because of the space we were trying to put it in. There is probably a very very good reason we have never seen someone wallpaper the inside of their master slide. Before we ever started Cody tore out the old space so that it was bare. After he ripped off the headboard there was a lot that had pulled apart because it was so well glued that he just put a new board down so we'd have a smooth surface. We had to sand everything down and clean it before we could begin applying the first sheet.

We had 5 panels of wallpaper and there are 3 windows in that space. So 2 of the panels had the window directly in the middle of them. Then the other 3 panels had the largest window that needed to be cut out. Of course we're trying to also match up all the seams and images so that it looks good. Normally you would start on the left and work your way right but we decided to start in the middle so the seams were perfectly centered from the middle to the edges. We started out with the hopeful idea of recording a time-lapse but then decided to shut it off because we had too many "discussions" (again, married real life) about how exactly to go about it. Needless to say that's just gonna stay on our phones for giggles. The long back window definitely was hard but the side windows were the toughest. you simply can't just put the wallpaper of it and then cut straight down because a little tiny lip of wallpaper tucks under the edge of those black windows. Also note that...the windows are all round. Which makes them sooo much harder to work with than square straight windows.

In any case we worked on it in one day for a few hours. Finally it was done and there was a part of me that ugly cried inside. Hard. Remember we are leaving everything we have ever know. Family, friends, community, the place we grew up. All if it happened in a place where we could walk under the trees whenever we wanted. I love that during the day right now and see the same trees outside, that are planted along my wall. I love that every night when I lay my head down thousands of miles from home I can simply look to the side and feel like I am home. Every night we get to sleep amongst the trees that first held our roots. To me, this project was the most important. And I know that on some days, it will my everything. I could not be more happier with a product held so dear.

We've gone back and forth about blinds, but for now we decided we're going to leave them off. We love this wallpaper a lot and we simply want to see as much of it as we can without covering up. Later on once we hit the city we may add some back on, but until then we get to enjoy the trees outside the windows.

So with a little bit of elbow grease and the most amazing wallpaper I have ever seen or experienced our bedroom will finally be that sanctuary. That resting place on our wild adventures journey. Somewhere that every day, though thousands of miles away, has turned our RV into our home.