Up Too Late

It’s way too late.

I’m way too tired.

Why am I up?

Because it’s quiet.

The house is still.

I’m peacefully alone editing and blogging.

Being a mom is exhausting. But it’s also overstimulating. I think that’s the part we often forget about.

The noise of screaming, laughing, fighting, whining and giggling that literally never seems to end. The mental juggling to manage a hangry meltdown while trying to read a recipe simultaneously. Being a referee for 938583 fights that happen every day. Having to reword conversations so they can be understood and explaining things that are far beyond the years of the little asking. Trying to muster up enough Jesus to keep a calm voice, patience and grace when bedtime isn’t fast enough. Not to mention the emotional yo-yo of a roller coaster by being a mean mom they despise one moment and desperately needing in your lap for hugs the next.

Look. We’re tired moms who are drained beyond possibility. So while an hour or two of extra sleep might change a little bit, we all know it’s not going to turn us into Daniel The Tigers mom the next day. All we’re going to remember is tapping out the moment the chaos ends and heading right back to it in the blink of an eye.

But that stillness of the night where it’s completely silent, no ones touching us and we can mentally rest by zoning out...that is sometimes what saves our sanity the next morning. So yes we may pour an extra cup of coffee and have bags under our eyes. But these late nights? They can be just as restful as an extra hour of sleep.