They Will Hear You

Today we played by ourselves.

Just the oldest and I. The one I swear is never listening because his head is either stuck in the clouds or obsessing over logical rules.

The one that always surprises and humbles me.

He led the game as I became much to overwhelmed as it unraveled. Out of all the places we wanted them to go (school, fire station, battle) he chose church. After arriving they sang their songs and then sat in circles where they prayed. We prayed for the cows owner who is apparently sick and for Jesus for help the horses heart to be good. Once that was finished it was time for the juice and crackers (as pictured). They of course had to quietly say their prayer during.

We give our kids so much grief to sit still, not talk, behave...all because we want them to pay attention and learn. We forget that as children they are already doing that while they do what they do children.