The Truth About Launching

Launching is not for the faint of heart. No matter how stoked they are, if any traveler tells you there’s not some part of them freaking out they’re probably lying. We want to show all of the excitement of our adventures but never at the cost of realness. There’s enough fake in the world and we don’t need to add to it.

So here is the humble raw part of our launching adventures. It’s chaotic. And stressful. And expensive. And overwhelming. I mean we have insurances, internet, renovations, maintenance, selling everything, finding renters (good ones), quitting our jobs. Certainly AFTER those logistics it won’t be stressful right? Aside from the fact we will loose most stability, as an ADD mom I’ll have to homeschool the kids and we’ll trust God to bring a new work contract every 3 months? And this is where most people go from this 😍 to this 😬

So on many nights like tonight where I look like a zombie in an overwhelmed chaos fog I catch a glance at my tattoo. The one I wanted huge and obvious. For the many seasons of life I knew I’d walk through where I’d need an “in your face” reminder.

Be still and know. Did you know that its not talking about being physically still? It means to let go. To open your hand. To give up control. To me most days this seems crazy and honestly if God hadn’t changed my heart we’d probably still be talking about it. But I don’t want to be in control of my life. That’s Gods job. And for good reason because his ways always better than my ways. So here I sit in a daily mantra of “be still and know” as I loosen my grip in attempts to freely give up control over it all. To drop my hand. To trust without hesitation.

Rest is not a word I am friends with. It is the word I need most, but always my most constant battle. Long ago God spoke over my heart that I needed to slow down and rest. To which I promptly rolled my eyes at like a stubborn tween. He promised that if I would walk this road, I would receive rest. And even though I still don’t want it I can see how I need it. How my family needs it. And I can see it coming. Balance, order, unity. All in the form of rest.

So heres to still and rest.

With a side of humble reality.

Be blessed