The Perfect Saturday // Oregon Lifestyle Photographer

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

When their mom and I planned the session she hadn't told the kids yet. So it was much to their surprise that they were going to have the greatest Saturday morning in the history of weekends. Staying in jammies until noon. Watching Three Amigos and eating popcorn before breakfast. An early morning dance party with mom and dad. Baking cookies from scratch before lunch. Having a card game where the winner of each round gets to NAIL THEIR SIBLING WITH FLOUR! This is my dream morning with the kids and my clean husbands absolute nightmare. At first they thought she was kidding. Hesitating before the first throw in case it was a trick. However, this mom and dad clearly chose to make a memory that was well worth the mess. Here's to winning at this whole parenting thing and being awarded the Cool Mom and Dad trophy!