The Pack CrossFit // Twin Falls, Idaho

One of the things I love about CrossFit is not matter where I travel, I can walk into any gym and pick up where I left off. It's a chance to meet new people, try new things and see new boxes! Each box has awesome things to offer & before I left on our adventure I knew I wanted to share a little about each box I get to visit for whoever might be considering dropping in.

The Pack CrossFit in Twin Falls Idaho has definitely set the bar high. This giant 12,000 square foot facility has it all. From the moment you walk in you can feel the community and family that has been built within the walls of this place many people think of as home. At the front you're welcomed by a relaxing waiting room to visit outside of the mat area, locker rooms, bathrooms and a shower room. Yup, a shower so you can go about your day after your workout without anyone noticing you just got a killer sweat on. Also you'll notice endless photos that reflect just how much the members have gone from friends to family. Did I mention there are around TWELVE classes a day?!? With Spartan Training on the weekend, stamina training during the week and a barbell club soon?!? Who are these people?!?

Down the hall is a kids room. With a door...that closes. Let all the angels sing and the parents rejoice. Y'all getting a workout in is hard enough. When you have kids, it makes it even harder. Especially when one of them is like mine who is a toddler that has the same running capabilities as flash. Here the kids get to watch a little show, play with others and can still see you no matter what part of the gym you're at. Use of this room is FREE as well. Praise. The. Lord. Goodbye my loves, mommy needs a moment for herself. Being able to have a place where my kids can go while I work out has allowed me to let go of so much stress as well as actually be able to concentrate during the WOD.

The first part of the gym is where most of the community meets. You will always see people greeting each other and introducing themselves. I was caught off guard by just how incredibly welcoming everyone has been. Their announcement board is also always full of inspirational quotes, community events and box events that keep the friendships growing.

Again this gym is massively amazing. The main portion of the gym is where all the classes are held. The area is so big it lets the classes to be either small and intimate or larger with still enough room for everyone to have space. It allows the gym to also be utilized in multiples ways at once by people either coming for class or working on their own training program outside of their class attendance.

There is an additional room around the back which is again large in size. This room is used by people who are working on their own training program, getting ready for competitions, personal training and the CrossFit Kids program. Pretty soon they will also be offering a barbell club as well and in the past have offered Olympic Lifting also. I mean seriously, is there anything this place doesn't offer?!?

One of the things I noticed here was the amount of equipment they have. The class sizes are pretty even, but there are a few that are definitely on the much larger size as far as attendance goes. Yet even on those days there is so much equipment here that everyone can always find what they're looking for. Kettle bells, wall balls, weights, climbing ropes, boxes, belts, rowers, bikes, jump ropes, olympic bars, sand bags, ghd machines, all the mobility items and rings everywhere. You name it, they have it, and plenty of it. There is something to be said about being able to train in a gym that has everything you need.

One of my favorite things about this box is just how much they want their members to be a part of the box. When you walk in there are two boxes that are not taken lightly. Members can suggest WODS that are then picked from and done in class regularly. The only catch is you have to sign your name so when everyone is dying they know who to "thank" for the killer burn. The second is the suggestion box. Every Monday the owner goes though the boxes, reads the suggestions, concerns, questions out loud in a video on facebook and then answers them or handles them accordingly so that together everyone is on the same page. This is something that I have found so amazing because not only do the members feel like the coaches listen to their ideas, but it makes everyone feel even more like this is their gym. Suggestions have ranged from different types of gym equipment, to something being installed in the box like a bench in the entry way, to even classes they'd be interested in. I can't tell you what it's like to watch a gym that asks and invites its members to be a part of the design, growth and operation of the gym.

Lastly what was it like to attend here?!?! It's hard to put into words the correct emotions or respect I have for this place. All of their coaches are absolutely top notch. They offer an On-Ramp course for all members who've never done CrossFit which is extremely beneficial and in my opinion should be mandatory at all CrossFit gyms. The coaches requirement for good form is relentless which is one of my absolute favorite things about this place. Their knowledge for proper modifications run deep and they spend a decent amount of time before each class not only going over the moments, but also running through the WOD in less reps so that you can grow in athleticism and ability before giving it all you have. I have only been here for 4 months and the amount of ah-ha momenuts I have had are overwhelming. I have learned an incredible amount of things here about how to perfect my form which has led to a much stronger self. All of the coaches will tell you their goal is make sure you're doing things correctly so you can enjoy CrossFit for years to come and not just in the moment.

Their WODS are definitely up there. I remember seeing them posted online and thinking "Who on earth are these people training?!? Game athletes?!?" Quickly I learned the answer was: everyone. The range in members age, ability and skill is so vast it's really a beautiful thing to see. Even though their WODS are intense it has grown my endurance, increased by strength and built my knowledge of the sport so far in such a short amount of time. They are designed to not just help you lift, but to train all of those muscles we often forget so that when you go for those big PR's, they are easier and you go into them with much more confidence.

Out of everything that stood out to me from training to coaches to equipment to professionalism, the one thing that I was blown away by the most was how welcoming this place was. Every race, age, sexual orientation, belief and anything else under the sun is welcomed here. No matter who you are or what your story is, you are greeted with a genuine smile by someone who will probably become your friend. This place is open to all and will quickly make it's way into your heart. If you are in or around Twin Falls Idaho, this really should be the gym you attend. I have come in a shy ovwrworked mom and I am leaving a more confident, less stressed athlete. There’s a lot more to a box than just the place you work out. These coaches will pour into your hearts, your loved and into you day in and day out. They will answer every question that you have and never seem bothered. And if they don’t have the answer they will spend their own time figuring out the answer. These are the good ones folks. The rare gems that you hear stories off and the ones so many of us look up to. This staff, these members, this box. They have it all. Inside and out.

Traveling is hard because it means that I must say goodbye. Yet at the same time it is the reason that I ever said hello in the first place. Come for the workout, stay for the people. Thank you to The Pack CrossFit Gym. I am forever changed in so many ways because of all that you do, all that you are and all that you’ve done. Keep spreading that sunshine.

The Pack CrossFit

2346 Eldridge Ave Twin Falls, ID 83301 (208) 316-3171

**This review was not paid for, sponsored in any way and nothing was gifted in return for a review. All opinions expressed are my own and not necessarily by the gym. I simply wish to share about every gym I attend in hopes of helping others who may be moving/visiting the area and looking for more information about this gym.**