The Neighborhood Superhero // Oregon Lifestyle Photographer

Any photography I do is always inspired by this kid right here. He's the one who stirred my heart in the beginning to focus on evenings like these. Summer nights when the sun goes down late and we push bedtime farther than we should. This is how I always hope he feels; like a mighty superhero. I pray he always feel the greatness within him. Go forth into this world little one and do great things.

"All of us have powers, skills and abilities where I come from. Heroes use those powers to fight, to make the world a better place. Whether it is their world or not." Barry Allen, The Flash

Also I want to put a plug out for our FAVORITE winter leggings! Made by Jan & Jul (check them out here). They are so incredibly warm and ridiculously soft. My son calls them his lighting pants that make him go fast. They are the best fall pants for wrestling inside the house or saving the neighborhood from bad guys.