The Gilbert House - Indoor Kids Activities Salem Oregon

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

One of the last days we were in Oregon we decided to take the kiddos to The Gilbert House in Salem. If you have not ever gone you MUST go! It’s one of the absolute funnest things you can do with your kiddos.

One thing that is especially great for parents is most of it is indoors so it’s perfect for those rainy or gloomy days. The other amazing thing is they allow outside food in the outdoor play area. You don’t have to worry about buying overpriced lunches, just pack snacks of your choice and enjoy them under the patios! This is wonderful for us since we are gluten and dairy free so if we can’t bring our own we’re usually charged an a and a leg. We got to enjoy our lunches at a table by the dinosaur bone sand area.

This house was around when I was my kids age!! The main difference is back then it was just one house to explore. Now there are two houses, two off houses, an enormous play structure and tons of outdoor space to explore. The rooms are all different themes: airplanes, farms, veterinarian, doctor, fort, blocks, submarine, hardware store, restaurant, farmers market, crafts, trains and way more. The outdoor play structure is the most massive maze perfect for imagination and climbing on literally everything.

It was the perfect place for our kids to have their final play date as we said our farewells. As mamas we didn’t want a hard heart day, but rather a day of fun, laughter, imagination and good memories. All in all it’s one of our favorite things to do. Whether you are avoiding the crummy weather or just trying to get out of the house this place is perfect for tiny tots all the way up to older kids and grown ups.