The Fun Dinner For Kids: Dragon Dinner

When visiting my cousins years ago they told us about a dinner that I couldn't wait to do. Every birthday they let the birthday boy choose the dinner. They lay it out over a garbage bag and tell the kids to dig in.

Here's the catch. There's no silverware, no napkins.

You can do ANYTHING. Birthday cake, ice cream, pancakes, whatever. The messier the more fun!

We have affectionately named it Dragon Dinner since none of the dragon riders in How To Train Your Dragon ever use silverware either. Our oldest has been asking for this for awhile now and finally we had a free evening and needed some extra fun. We let him choose the menu and he correctly chose a good first dinner. Our littlest didn't quit understand what was happening & even when we told him go ahead I'm pretty sure he thought it was a trick. Once he caught on the kids loved it. There were endless giggles that even resulted in noodles being shot out of a nose.

The best part is when you're done you just wrap up the mess in the garbage bag table cloth and it's off to bath time. I can see a lot of these in our future! Life is too short to keep kids clean or from having fun.