Take those who can’t with you

I‘m not a nail polish girl.

I’m not careful enough to keep it without getting chipped or cracked or a hot mess. So I never bother.

Like ever.

This weekend I had my first ever race. I go to the gym, I train, I get to workout, I don’t think twice about being able to get to do this.

Exercise is just exercise.


And yet the night before I left to drive to our campsite prior the race something made me pause. I couldn’t stop staring at the nail polish given to my by my best friend. My best friend who’s been severely ill and unable to get out of bed for most of the decade we’ve known each other. My best friend who on certain days will use a cane to get around the house. My best friend who looks on the outside like a perfectly put together healthy boss babe but is often times sicker than sick in the inside.

I became so overwhelmed in that moment.

There is SO DAMN MUCH we take for granted. So much it’s obscene. Being able to walk is a gift. Being able to run is a blessing. Being able to exercise is a joy. Those of us who can...lucky does not even begin to express our privilege. While I am focused on a goal time and my pace speed she is focused on getting her to dos done without running out of spoons (look up spoon theory). So instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour I took some extra time to sit on my bathroom floor and paint my nails. Because she may never be able to run even a 5K but at least I can take a little part of her with me on my race. I can let her know that her struggles are not forgotten. I can open up my eyes welled with tears of overwhelming, undeserved privilege with a heart of gratitude and do what little I can to let her know I’m honoring her own race in life.

This is not a post to pat my back but rather an encouragement to others to open your eyes. Be grateful for the little things. The ones we forget, take for granted or disregard. Things that we may not even think much of, could be another’s life goal. To those of us who have someone in your life unable to run the race, do what you can to take them with you.

Run with the ones who can’t.