Surprise Proposal! // Joseph, Oregon

At our goodbye party we were talking to our dear friend & our kids sitter Maddy (Mae Mae as the kids call her). We found out oddly enough they would be camping in the same city as us only a short drive down from us! While we gushed over the fact that we didn't have to say goodbye and would be able to adventure together I noticed a look come over her boyfriends face. As soon as we got in the car my phone went off with a message from him "hey I need a favor to ask while we're camping. I'm going to propose to Maddy, do you think you could be there as well?!?" Yaaaaaaas! Out of all of the most random, divine appointment coincidences how amazing was this?!?!

That weekend after meeting up on a very hot, very sunny day everyone wandered down to the edge of the water. I had the kiddos attempt to take a photo, but they were way too excited to see each other to have the patience for anything not moving. Finally I asked her boyfriend to take a photo with her. He handed her the most beautiful love letter with the words worked in Will You Marry Me? Once she was done reading he got down on one knee beneath the foothills of the mountains and proposed!

What a special blessing to be able to be there and capture the proposal of a sweet couple we love so much. Later we got to enjoy adventuring with them and gushing over wedding plans. Congrats to you both Maddy and Dustin!! We are so excited for you two!