Strong Over Skinny

There is this mold that we pretend does not exist in today’s world. One that many of us swear we don’t have to try to conform to while secretly or unintentionally picking ourselves apart for not fitting it in. Yet there it is, keeping us from achieving, from speaking out, from believing in ourselves...from accepting ourselves.

Not today.

We are women.

We ain’t got time for that crap.

There is this growing wave of women who are finding their voice, discovering their power, embracing their looks, claiming their bodies, accepting their battle cry. And it’s growing every day. We are holding others by their faces as we look deep within and whisper they are stronger than they know. We are calling out every lie spoken over anyone in our sisterhood while breathing in truth of who they are. We are standing in front of those who are too weak to fight anymore as an army ready for battle.

Because we are all worth fighting for.

Because we are all enough.

Because we are all worth it.

One of my favorite shirts reads Strong Is The New Skinny. Someone gave it to me to remind me that I didn’t need to let someone else define the box in which I got. This ocean, this movement, this change in society. It is strong. And so are we. It’s not about whether you have muscles or don’t, fit into a certain size or don’t, lift certain weights or don’t. Look, act, talk, exist a certain way or don’t. It’s about being truly strong. Strong minded, strong willed, strong emotionally, strong physically, strong in community, strong in support, strong in yourself.

We don’t have to look a certain way.

We already look like women.

Strong women.