SPD Isn’t Just For Todders

Dear Target,

From an SPD mom, thank you for your brand Cat & Jack. Seriously. It’s currently the only brand we can wear and I know that’s the case for many other super awesome sensory kiddos. They are made extra soft, seamless and tagless. Bless y’all.


When you’re almost 6 none of that matters. You don’t want cute whales or forest animals. He said the stripes are boring and the plane colors were lame. When you’re almost 6 you want cool superhero’s, LEGO creations and the Jurassic dinosaurs.

See when you’re almost 6 you want to wear what your friends are wearing. You want to feel cool like everyone else. For most kids it’s one of their favorite articles of clothing. After all, things like your underwear are how you start the day. Yet despite how badly you want the cool ones with your favorite characters, you just can’t make them feel right. The cool ones just aren’t designed for some of the coolest kids.

So as much as we deeply love and appreciate all of the effort put into a mainstream sensory brand, let’s not forget the older kids too. Maybe let’s try adding some superhero’s, ninjas, transformers or anything really for the older ones. It doesn’t have to be the ones from the movies, but anything similar will do. Because sensory kids don’t stay little forever...and neither does their awareness of their struggle.


The mom who’s kid couldn’t handle the cool clothes and settled for the soft clothes.