Questions About Our Adventure!

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

Cody’s Work

Q: What will you be doing for work? A: Cody is a Surgical Technologist. In layman's terms, he is the guy that sets up all the tools/intruments for a surgery & hands them to the surgeon during a procedure. He will work for various hospitals on 13 week contracts. Hospitals often use travelers to fill the gap when they do not have enough employees.

Q: How often will you travel to a new location? A: Cody’s contracts typically will last around 3 months. However, if we are able to start out at a campground & boondocks at some amazing locations we might move around one area more often.

Q: Do you get to pick where you work?

A: Sort of. It all depends on what job openings are available when we are looking for our next contract. Before one contract is over, Cody will apply for various openings. He will then get either one or multiple contract offers & we will choose which one we would like to accept.

Kids & Family

Q: Are the kids excited? A: Yes! Elijah asks me almost every day when we are leaving, when I will stay home and when I will finally be his teacher in our cool new trailer. We talk often about all the different things we’ll see and places we’ll visit.

Q: Will Moose go with you? A: Absolutely! Moose has been a part of our family since Cody and I got together. Our children love him so much, as do we.

Q: Why are you traveling now & not when the kids are older? A: They are little and still like us. Ha! In all honesty our children are young enough that they do not have cliques of friends, are involved in sports or have a lot of commitments. We also wanted to travel with them when they are young so as they grow, they hold a strong bond that we grew on the road.

Q: How will the kids attend school?

A: I will homeschool the kiddos. We are so glad we are starting with early grades instead of jumping into this when they are old. We both agree though if it gets to a point we feel that this is above my abilities we will enroll them a virtual online school with other children.

Q: How will you attend church? A: We are excited to attend various church’s in new towns in order to meet lots of other Christians. We also plan on watching service from our home church online as a family! We love our Calvary Chapel family!

Q: How can we stay in touch?

A: We can still receive letters, emails, texts, phone calls and contact through social media! The blog will stay regularly updated so everyone can follow along on our journey!

Q: How do you plan to stay fit? A: The Outdoors! We are so excited to walk around new cities, go on hikes and lots of other outdoor activities. If there is an option for a gym where we are located we may join as well! If not we plan to make sure to do our workouts at home on a regular basis.

Q: Edith mentioned there were 3 websites, what are they? A: There will be 3 websites we will manage. The first is this one which is for the adventures our family goes on as well as everyday life. I also have Simply Kissed which is a website to display my photography as well as my heart for this motherhood journey through blogs and interviews with other nomadic mamas. The last is Why They Wander. This website is a project that I had stir in my heart when we were planning to leave. There I will photograph and interview other nomadic or full-time families in hopes of sharing the amazing tales of others we meet on the road.


Q: What states are you hoping to work in first? A: the states we would like to for sure visit include Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Wyoming & a few others. We would like to visit as many states as possible!

Q: Will you be coming back to Oregon?

A: Yes! We must return to Oregon for at least 30 days each year. The easiest way is for him to take a contract somewhere in Oregon once a year. This is a great opportunity for us to visit friends & family! It may not be within our old town but we will let all of our friends know when we return to our home state!

Q: How long will you be on the road at one time? A: Seeing as we have 2 littles and a dog in tow, our hopes are to travel in sections of 3 hours at a time. We will have travel days filled with lots of road trip adventures along the way. As with kids, it’s all good in theory.

Q: What will Cody drive to work?

A: I will keep the truck with me & the boys. Cody will be driving a motorcycle to and from work. If we get to a place where we feel we need a second car we will pick up a small commuter car or utilize public transportation.

The Move

Q: Where will you live?

A: In our amazing RV! We have thought so much about this and from the moment we decided to live full-time in an RV it felt right. There will be many challenges to tiny living like this but even more benefits for our family.

Q: Are you selling your house?

A: We have found some incredible renters that were are so blessed by. While we are gone they will fill the space with love and take great care of our home.

Q: Are you selling all of your stuff? A: If it's in our house and you want to buy it, it's for sale! We will keep some items that are close to our heart in storage, but almost everything we own will be for sale. In the end it is all stuff that is easily replaceable that we cannot take with us.

Q: When are you planning on leaving? A: Our goal is to be on the road, headed for Cody’s first contract around July of 2019. It feels so far away but will sneak up on us before we know it.

Q: What type of renovations do you plan to do to the RV? A: We mainly would like to paint the walls and ceiling white to make it feel bigger. The furniture will all get changed to be smaller and more space conscious. Finally we will decorate it so it fits our style. We will be blogging all of our renovations so you can follow along!