Let The Adventure BEGIN!

I'm trying to figure out how to tell our friends and family of the insane adventure we're about to embark on. The adventure that most people wouldn't take. The adventure that became real today. In the sense that after today...there's no turning back.

We have a cute house, reliable cars, live in a great neighborhood and our oldest goes to an amazing christian school. We work ridiculously hard on the never changing hamster wheel for this average American Dream type of lifestyle. On and on it goes year in and year out, it always remains basically the same. However, at the beginning of this year something started stirring. We could both sense it, but neither of us know what it was. Sort of like the fog that comes as a sign of a storm. Or the winter before the spring.

Shortly after our church participated in a week of prayer and fasting we went out to lunch at my favorite pizza place. When we sat down and I could tell Cody's nerves were on the surface. He gets this sort of look in his eye when something is about to be presented to me and it always makes me laugh that he tries to hide it so unsuccessfully. So he looked presented this crazy, lofty, over the top idea with all the hope in the world and held his breath as I contemplated what he had just proposed. I recapped just to make sure I understood what he was saying. We should quit our jobs, mine of 6 years. We should buy an RV (which is tiny compared to our small house) to live in full-time our two wild boys and dog. I emphasized the word tiny pretty hard. Since Cody would become a surgical technologist working on contracts with different hospitals we would not know where we were going until 3 to 6 (max) weeks before each move. There was a long pause after I asked him if that's what he meant followed by a long sip of our ciders and eventually finished up by me with a hard and fast no. That this dream was as insane as it was adventurous. We would be giving up all that we had worked so hard for of the last decade. We would leave everyone and everything we knew for a walk of blind faith without being able to plan more than a month ahead. We would toss away a life of routined order for a journey of walking always in blind faith. The part of me that is very type A was having a complete mental breakdown at the idea, while the stronger and more hippie artist side of me was dancing for joy that I would finally have some non scheduled adventure.

Over the next few months in many "discussions" it came up often. My foot was firmly planted on that no and every time it would come up I'd go through the laundry list of excuses why I thought it was a ridiculous idea. Then as if almost cued I could hear God whispering to me that I should just be open to the idea. Think about it for a moment and really try to understand Cody's heart. Look at his why nots instead of all my irritated whys. So one day after a very long work day that was topped off with endless driving to pick up the littles from childcare, rushing to make dinner in time to get them fed, to bed and repeat the hamster wheel I took a breath. Why does this have to be our best life. This hamster wheel of simply surviving and not thriving. Don't get me wrong we are blessed beyond blessed and so happy with all that we have. But if we feel that God is calling us for more then why would we not chase that with all that we had. Why do we have this American Dream if we haven't even seen 90% of America. And why do we have to conform to a definition of the American Dream...if it is not really our dream? I truly do not believe that our entire purpose is to go to work, plan for how to spend the weekend, pay bills and repeat. Forever. We have one life. ONE LIFE. I thought about my kids and how many summers they have left with us before they are grown. I thought about all the dreams that we once had about traveling this country we live in...and have barely seen.

And in that moment it was as if my heart switched entirely. In the end we will not regret if this grand adventure fails. But we would absolutely without a doubt regret it if we never tried. If we never jumped. We don't want to look back at our lives and talk about the time we almost had the most amazing journey with our kids. How we wished we could have traveled the country with them instead of stuffing those dreams in a box and putting them high on a shelf of practicality along with everything else we talked about doing...but never did.

So after almost an entire year of planning, researching, saving, praying and keeping our dreams a secret, it's time to let everyone else in on our upcoming adventure. Today our new to us, but very loved in RV will was delivered by the most amazing family (blog on that to come). Today we get to share about our upcoming grand adventure. Today it is real.

Long story short it's basically exactly what Cody proposed. This fall we purchased an RV. In the winter we will outfit it with all that we need to for full-time living. In the spring we will rent out our house. In the summer we will quit our jobs to travel the country while Cody works at different hospitals. We will be doing instead of just dreaming. We will be living our very best life. As a family.

Are you ready for this?!?!

We know there are a TON of questions. Check out our blog post (click here!) answering most of the major questions. If you have specifics feel free to shoot us an email or text! Through out the journey we will be answering questions and doing live streams on instagram or facebook so make sure to follow us along!