Our Adventure Begins

I remember when Cody first sat me down and told me he wanted to become a traveling surgical technologist. That he wanted to live this life of dreams, moving to a new state every three months. With his nerves visible in his eyes, he asked me to leave my job, become a stay at home mom, sell everything we owned, rent the house and risk it all for the sake of adventure. As glamorous as this idea of wanderlust sounded I just couldn’t think about living anywhere else. The thought of leaving was so much grander than any adventure I could imagine having and so I originally said…no. Yet the more I thought about it and prayed the more my heart opened up to the idea of living a life that would change our life.

The best way I can explain Gods call to our hearts is by loosely retelling something our friend shared recently. When you have a plant in a small pot it will remain small. It’s roots will go down deep but it can only grow so big. Yet when you transplant it the process is hard because you need to loosen its grips on the very soil that has nurtured it and uproot what has grown deep. By moving the plant into soil without boundaries it it will grow bigger than you could have ever imagined. And so we too will grow.

This is what we feel God is calling for us and for our Children. To grow our hearts by chasing the sun to the edge of the earth, touching oceans we’ve only read about, dreaming under the stars of the deserts & standing on the edge of earths greatest creations. We don’t want to tell our children to dream wild, adventurous dreams only to tuck them on a shelf or save them until they are older and hopefully still able. We want to teach them to chase those dreams down with everything they have so once they have grown old they can know that while they might have fail, at least they tried.

We are so grateful for the prayers, support and encouragement we have received from our friends and family. Our heart is to share our journey in all of it’s glory and trials, raw and open as we adventure along across the country. Thank you for allowing us to risk it all for the sake of a dream planted as a once small seed within our hearts.

Huge thank you to the incredibly gifted photographer & filmmaker Pattie Brewer for creating a video that encapsulates so much of our heart. We will be forever grateful to you for capturing such a sweet send off. Also thank you to one of the most talented artists Jilian Linklater for allowing us to use what we consider to be our families adventure theme song. You both have given us such a treasure by sharing your gifting with us.