Moab Day 1 // Pine Tree Arch, Landscape Arch

After the first day we knew we wanted to do a hike in the evening after exploring around town. Going on adventures with kids means we don't always get to do the epic 6 to 10 mile hikes that we could do ourselves. We wanted to first find a fairly easy trek that the boys would not only be able to do, but enjoy and get some of their long pented wiggles out. We decided to do a loop in Arches that included Pine Tree Arch as well as Landscape Arch. We left a few hours before sunset in hopes of seeing the landscape before dark.

Our oldest kept saying he was a billy goat. I'm always so impressed with his climbing abilities. Our kids definitely came out adventuring.

I cannot get over these two. We looked for areas that were approved for climbing and I'm pretty sure they found them faster than we did. Our littlest scrambled up the rocks faster than I was ready for!

I was told this photo below was a "boys hike for boy time" haha Anytime these three want to bond together I'm all about it it! Climb on my bear tribe.

Landscape arch was absolutely breathtaking! The way the sun hit the earth as it set, the height of the the views and the earths landscape was incredible. Today was everything we had wanted for Moab and so much more.

So. Much. Red. Sand. It's hard to tell but this was a pretty steep climb. Our hopes were that they'd wear themselves out being wild littles.

At the end of the day our first outing in Moab was perfect. We watched the sunset as the kids passed out in the back of the car. When life is completely chaotic I hold tight to memories like this one. Anytime we wonder why we ever left our home behind we look back on places like this we might have never seen before. This is what it was always about.

Happy Adventuring Friends!