Moab // Petroglyphs, Bike Jumps & RV Park

When we very first started the idea of traveling Moab was one of our absolute number one places we wanted to visit. For so long we dreamed of taking the boys to the mountains of red rocks, hiking beneath the arches and watching the sunset over the canyons. Once we left Twin Falls we routed ourselves so that we could spend as much time as possible in the small desert town.

Moab did not disappoint. Even now it still remains as one of our favorite places. Even now the boys talk of their adventures among the sand.

After arriving late in the night we wanted to take a day to do a local hike. Just down the road was Courthouse Wash Rock that displayed some petroglyphs. It was the first time we had been so close to such distinctive petroglyphs. The hike was relatively easy even though the boys tested the limits of how high they could scramble before we grabbed them.

We have had lengthy discussions about not touching petroglyphs because the oils on our hands can affect their longevity. It's been cool to see the boys grow not just an appreciation for these types of things but a desire to preserve them. I was so shocked at how clear they still were!

While daddy went on one of the single track rides of his life we decided to hit up a bike park of our own by visiting Moab BMX Park. Our oldest has been riding a Strider Bike since about 1.5 years old and since then has grown quickly to his current bike. I cannot explain how proud I was watching him take on every hill that park had to offer! There were a few older riders that even went by and told him how great he was doing which only fueled his fire to ride bigger and better.

Our youngest is 2.5 years old and refuses to let his older brother outdo him. While big brother was hitting the high jumps, our toddler was crushing all of the lower mounds pumping like a pro! After a few faces full of dirt and hard crashes, he decided he was still going to crush it the whole afternoon. One thing I've learned with these kids is that if I trust them, they trust themselves.

After everyone hitting the dirt pretty hard, the bikes needed a tune up. It was super nice that Moab valley RV Resort and Campground had a bike station! Not to mention a glorious hot tub and heated pool for our muscles to relax in. All in all settling into Moab was everything we hoped it would be.

Next up, exploring the most amazing red rock we've ever seen. Stay tuned!

Happy adventuring friends!