Master Bedroom Reveal!

You guys! This. Room. Though!!! We have been married almost 9 years and we have never done much to our bedroom. We always seem to do a lot to the rest of the house and then just spruce our room up, never really making it us. Going into this we realize there will be a lot of good days, but also a lot of hard days. So we decided that we really wanted to make sure that we put ourselves wholly into this room. We wanted to make sure that we made it a place that when we walked in we would feel relaxed, comfortable and reminded of home. I can honestly say that I could not be happier with the way this turned out. Every part of it is so much of us. Everything has a story behind it and means something.

I can't believe this is the before and after! I am so glad that we decided to invest in our own space.

The very first thing we had to do was paint. We knew that we wanted the room much lighter like the rest of the RV instead of a brown color. Since our current house is gray walled with white trim we wanted to keep that look. Something that would remind us of our first home while we are away. The walls and closet were completely repainted. It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do.

The first major renovation project we decided to do was the inside walls of the slide. The headboard had to go, then the attachment peeled off & everything sanded down. I will give it to the builders of RV's, they don't mess around when they want to attach something. Since we wanted to put wallpaper around the inside we knew we needed a completely flat surface and removing the headboard had splintered the current wood. We decided to make a new back wall to give us that fresh start. Once that was done we found the most amazing wallpaper from B Darling Decor. The wallpaper image itself is incredibly special to us and reminds us so much of our home. There's even an image I took with my phone while driving one day that looks just like it. (check out the beautiful story on our previous post here) After about 3 hours of strategizing, measuring, curing, adjusting, applying, adjusting, applying, taking a mental break and applying we finished the entire inside of the slide. The wallpaper is definitely the focal point when you walk in.

Next up was the closet renovation and these awesome barn doors. Want to know the secret? They're stickers! Whaaaaat?!? Cody is an absolute genius for coming up with this. We did really want barn doors like we had seen on so many other RV's but we really didn't want the weight of them. We decided to buy thin plywood and cut them to fit the opening. We pieced together the mounting hardware from Amazon. This included a kit of sliding barn door hardware, an extra set of rollers for the second door and a set of cast iron door handles. Once we had it completely mounted we talked to the amazing designers at Decorelo which we found on Etsy. Decorelo can basically make any door you want look amazing with tons of different stickers to match your style. We made sure to have them custom make the stickers to fit not only the door length, but also to look like mirrored images of a barn door so the shadows looked correct. The stickers were placed on the door and wrapped around the sides. Ta-da! Instant lightweight doors. Lastly we installed an adhesive LED light strip that Cody plans on using to wake me up every morning haha. We plan on folding our clothes into small squares and top loading them. There will be a divider in each tote so we can put long sleeves on the bottom of each tote and short sleeves on the tops. Pants will be folded on the sides as well as workout gear. Any of the very few dresses or skirts that I'll bring will be hung with coats to the left.

The map on the right is something we wanted to do since we first decided to travel. We knew we wanted something to track our adventures, but we really wanted it to be something that we could take out of the Rv when we were done and hang in our home. After what seemed like endless searching we discovered the maps from GeoJango. They make customized push pin travel maps in loads of sizes, colors and styles! One thing we really liked about them was that they boasted using a very quality board which is going to help keep our pin map stay over time. Also we got to customize the frame so we didn't have to deal with trying to frame it on our own. Which was perfect because the white wash look will be balanced on both sides of the bedroom. Lastly, the coolest part, was we got to customize the map to our name! They printed our name across the top as well as added our logo to the corner. It was just that little extra touch that will be so dear to our hearts long after the adventure is over.