Mary Alice Park // Twin Falls Idaho

When we first arrived in Twin Falls I was looking for a park that we could go to regularly with the kids. Our friend Idaho Bucket List recommended one of the coolest parks we have ever been to. Mary Alice Park was built by an incredible team of artists to give children not just a place to play, but to imagine and dream. The best way I can describe it is a imaginative cross between Alice In Wonderland, Mary Poppins and The Secret Garden.

Placed in the middle of the city, Mary Alice Park is like a secret wonderland among the concrete surroundings. When you enter you are immediately met with the most beautiful garden surrounded by an enchanting labyrinth. Every part of the landscaping is purposeful and perfect. The grass is Astroturf so it can withstand the seasons and endless playtime. There are multiple fruit trees as well as a long section of grape vines so that guests can enjoy a snack. Fruit is regularly picked and set upon the patio table for others to enjoy.

The park is fully fenced with a gate at the front so parents can latch it & not worry about children running off or into the street. All the parents sing hallelujah. That gate was one of my personal favorite parts to the park because it meant I could let the kiddos loose and not worry about chasing them. This was the park I always knew I could come and relax at. Once the kids enter the park they are met with a paradise of play. There is extra large chess and checkers to play, plastic of course because well kids are rough. There's also a few putting holes with clubs provided, lots of toys to ride around on and a large sand area in the back. The park also boasts a carriage in the back of the park and the coolest hand made tree slide in the front. In the fall we found the largest pile of leaves lovingly racked just below the slide for the most amazing leaf jumping afternoon.

Lastly, and probably most popular, is the train display. In the heart of the park is a very large train city complete with endless buildings, trains, people and even Thomas. The ever so sweet Conductor Leon comes in on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 11am to 1pm to run the trains for anyone that may stop by. We are so thankful to Conductor Leon for always taking time to answer the endless questions all of the kids would have about anything related to trains. All of the kids absolutely love watching the trains and it is always the highlight of the afternoon.

Out of every park that our children saw in Twin Falls, this was their absolute favorite and will be forever held dear in our hearts. We are so grateful to Mr. Art who organized the creation of such a wonderful Neverland for the children to play while the parents sit and relax. If you are ever in Twin Falls, this is an absolute must see and hopefully will become a regular stop in your weekly play schedule.

If this park has ever worked it's way into your heart or you feel led it would be so lovely to donate towards keeping this park going as well as blessing to the volunteers who pour themselves into it.

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