Love your grays

Give. Me. All. The. Gray.

While all of you are coloring your hair, wearing hats and trying to hide it I’m on the other side. Waiting anxiously. Checking to see how it’s changed since the last time I’ve looked and how many more there are. Always wishing there was more.

Don’t get me wrong, you do you boo. Go get that hair colored and styled because that is your jam and makes you look feel like a queen. If your color makes you feel alive then yes girl yes.

But those silver streaks, aging highlights and crowns of wisdom. I cannot wait for all of the color to go. Ever since I was little I have always looked at gray hair as a thing of beauty. These women who carried this color with confident pride made more of an impact on me than any princess ever did. I loved how they loved their age. Their current season. The moment of now. Always have I wanted to have the hair of the older generation that I loved so dear.

As I have grown older it’s only deepened my love of my grays. For me motherhood is so intertwined with aging in the most radically beautiful way, that it cannot be separated. Everything that makes us savor our grandparents, our great grandparents is wrapped up in their age as much as who they are. We memorize laugh lines, crows feet and wrinkles. Trying to hold on to every detail of who they have become through the journey of life. It is a testimony to us belonging to our heritage. The gift of graying like those before us did. The blessing of that part of their physicality being a part of us. It’s something that connects us despite the span in generations.

I am 34 and it’s coming in stronger by the day. I have been asked if I would color it and why not since I’m so young. Never would I taint what was naturally given and that I have waited so long for. Never would I wish away part of who I am. Not for one hot minute have I wished they would cease to exist.

They are part of who I am and part of who has made me. They are part of my journey and part of my children’s journey. They are in itself where I have been and where I have come from. They are so much of my story, so much of my journey, so much of me.

Love yourself

Love your age

Love your gray