Little Miss Eugene Pro Rodeo Sophia // Oregon Lifestyle Photographer

I have watched this powerhouse of a little lady grow since she was just a baby. Even when she was little we knew she was going places. At such a young age you'd think you were talking to a teenager. Always independent & always fiercely determined. This girl has goals in her eyes and dreams in her head. It's an honor to cheer in her corner. I honestly can not wait to see where she goes in this world. Congrats to you Miss Sophia! This is just the beginning!!

Now hold up a minute. We have to give credit where credit is due. Behind every good cowgirl is an equally as fierce mama moving mountains so that her dreams can come true. I have never, repeat never, met anyone who works harder than this mama. Somehow this single mama gets to the gym, works a full-time job, helps her daughter with her homework as well as barrel racing practice, barn cleaning & ridiculous amounts of driving to every event. My hats off to you Raquel. You are a rare gem & quit the cutie to boot!