Let them ask the deep questions

This kid.

So literal, so deep, so intelligent. Sometimes it’s too much for me. Sometimes, we’ll a lot of times I don’t have the answers.

Tonight we were reading his Action Bible which is the Bible but comic book style. I first heard of it from @carissayoder and man has it been a home run. He always goes back to this Bible calling it his big kids Bible. The pictures and dialogue keep him so engaged. The questions that he asks after reading it are far more profound than I am ready for at 5 years old.

Tonight we were reading about Moses and the Passover in Egypt. We keep things very age appropriate with the understanding that he likes real honest answers. He is not afraid of heavy topics or the raw truth of what’s Halle omg in the world. He asked me what the job was of the angel of death and what a soul was because he didn’t understand how your soul could go to heaven when your body stayed behind. This kid is extremely literal so trying to explain a soul to him had him looking at me with the most confused blank stare on his face.

I love it. He challenges me to have answers I know in my head but can not articulate. These are answers we should all be able to discuss. Ones that we should know. Of anything my walk with God is deepened by him and I’m so grateful.