Keep your labels out of childhood

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

This is how we went to church.

Little bear really wanted to wear his hot pink unicorn headband. Why wouldn’t he?!? That thing is amazing!

Here’s the deal. Earlier this week I told him he was going to his friends unicorn birthday party. To which he groaned and told me that a unicorn party was for girls. Hold up little dude let’s stop right there.

Who defined this stuff as girl stuff and boy stuff? Who said unicorns are for girls? Who decided pink was a girls color? I’m a girl and I hate the color pink. Unicorns are not my jam. I definitely don’t consider myself “girly” and I’m not gonna let for one hot second this world define that to my kiddo.

Instead of saying you’re going anyways and moving on we used it as a moment to open that up a bit. To explain there’s really not a ton in this world that is solely girl stuff and boy stuff. And even the stuff that is, it’s not for us to put our definition on what someone else likes. We let him ask questions and work through the answers.

Happily he went to the party and had A BLAST. There were tons of kids (boys and girls) all running around with unicorn headbands, covered in glitter tattoos and enjoying hot pink cake. Not one child there was worried about the color or the sparkle of everything. Not once did they question what color they were wearing or if it was “girly”. Not once did any of them decide to stop playing with their friends or celebrating the party princess just cause it wasn’t their jam. He had so much fun with that hot pink headband that he wanted to wear it today and show his other friends.

Instead of ignoring when our kids say something is girly/boyish or defined as this or that, address it! Teach them to keep the worlds definitions out of their innocence. Show them how to stop worrying about labels early on!

The best part was watching him walk into church without one parent even raising an eyebrow or squinting with a judgy eye. His friends all thought it was the coolest and they played horses and unicorns all morning. Without hesitation. This is how it should be.

Kids are kids.

Innocent and a blank canvas.

Let’s keep our labeling hot mess out of their childhood as long as possible shall we?