It’s Ok To Want Your Body Back

I feel like there is this taboo misunderstanding about setting physical goals postpartum. So often it’s assumed that setting a goal weight or working towards being a certain way physically means you don’t like the way you look and/or that you want to be skinny. To the moms wanting change, I hear judgment hurled at them and how they must be unhappy with their bodies or that they don’t love themselves. Mothers who are open about wanting their bodies back after babies are told they must not appreciate all that their body has done for them or that they don’t appreciate the postpartum process or are selfish.

Listen, I genuinely don’t give a flying flip how my body looks.

Its. Not. About. That.

This body was once insanely active and fit. All of which was halted for five years with pregnancies that refused to let me be exercise as I accepted the need for bed rest. Five years I avoided working out at all so my milk supply would stay up enough to get us by. For five years they came first, my body came last. In every season I have been so damn in grateful for my body because it grew humans and then to top it off fed them. In a long child bearing and rearing season of deep rooted growth I had to learn to lay aside my love of excercise for the sake of my kids. And I’d do it again in a heartbeat because it’s an honor to be able to walk every bit of that journey.

How-the-frick-ever...I feel like someone needs to say out loud. There is NOTHING wrong with wanting your body back. To reclaim once again as yours. For me this does NOT mean I want it to look a certain way. It means I just want it to be mine again. To be able to workout as hard as I can, to eat what I want without stressing over supply issues, to push it to its limits without worrying about how it will affect my kids growth. I love my postpartum body, I’m proud of my stretch marks, I celebrate my cellulite.

Just because we are mothers doesn’t mean we can’t desire to have our bodies back. Just because we give fully of ourselves doesn’t mean we can’t give fully to ourselves. I am grateful for the season I could give my body to them, but I am exited for the season I can give my body to myself.

Its ok to want it back.