Idaho Wrap Up // Twin Falls, Idaho

Seeing as how I'm gravely behind I decided at the end of each contract after all of the longer blogs were posted I'd do a wrap up post. All of those super fun memories that were short, sweet and individual. Twin falls Idaho was just about the friendliest place we have ever been to. Everyone there was ready to tell you about all the best places in town, show you where you needed to go for anything and had loads of advice on all things local. We may have arrived knowing not a soul, but we left with handfuls of new friendships.

The Earl & Hazel Faulkner Planateriaum was by far one of our favorite finds hands down. This place is loaded with hands on activities for kiddos. From an entire table of magnetic blocks, artifact digging, puzzles, story times and so much more there was always something to do here. We also got to attend numerous star watching events that they hold regularly. The most mind blowing part for's FREE. Yup! This is an ABSOLUTE MUST for any parent in the area

Heights are NOT my jam. However Shashone Falls is something so beautiful that you absolutely have to go out on that deck that extends over the rocks to see the falls. The area offers tons of hiking around, the most amazing picnic area and lots of information about the falls. As you can see pets (and littles) should be carried or kept on a leash (you choose which is which) because once you get out near the trails there's not much either one couldn't scale. Mind the family photo, we tried to take it too close to lunch time.

Haggerman Fossil Beds was a really cool and quick easy stop for the weekend. The visitor center offers lots of information and Junior Ranger badges! The actual fossil beds are quit aways a way so instead we decided to drive through the look of Thousand Springs Scenic Byway which has a few sites that can be seen just outside of the car door. Perfect when you have a napping toddler you dare not wake. Once again keep a strong hand on the littles because the views are breathtaking, there's also no fence

Along with this town being the friendliest, they have some of the neatest events. The two we found most fun was a park event put on by ALL of the churches in twin falls and the local fair. The park event was filled with endless games, crafts, bounce houses, a concert and stations to help pack bags for children in the foster care system. Our kids favorite part was obviously the fire trucks...little bug refused to get out. The fair was really special for Cody and I. We grew up in the same small country town and when we were younger the fair was the place to be. Since then the rides and food have sort of died out entirely. When we took our kids to the fair we had this moment back of all the things we loved about when we were younger. In celebrations our yesteryears we rode all the rides, said yes to all the cotton candy and stayed until the lights lit the night sky. It was a really special evening for us.

We unofficially started kindergarten! I say that because we're taking this with a grain of salt on the advice of friends who are educators and other homeschool moms. Our days are aimed to still make learning fun & minimal in the "classroom" but more hands on by learning through the world. So far our oldest can read, write, is doing basic math and inhaling every science lesson I can find. The youngest is still successful little brother and creates more breaks in the lesson plans than I'd care to admit.

Near the end of our trip we finally hit Kelley's Canyon Orchard. You guys this place is CUUUTE! Not to mention SO affordable! When she mentioned my total cost I asked her twice if that was everything. The kids LOVED picking and eating the all of the incredibly tasty fruit. Definitely worth the drive to the countryside.

If you remember back in The Grand Tetons we met Home Meets Road and instantly knew we needed to be friends. As fate would have it we got to spend our second little bit of time together blossoming our friendship. The two boys are besties meant to be. Some of our favorite memories in Twin Falls was made by having this little dude and his parents only a few spots away from us. In the absolute sweetest gift they went to Target to get Ducky & Bunny stuffed animals. These velcro at the hands and both of our kids now travel with their own half best friend stuffed animal until they are reunited. Cue tears. Their goodbye included a lot of tears.

Idaho was amazing. We loved our time there in so many ways. There was always something for us to do inside out outside, rain or shine, warm weather or windy storms. Thank you for the memories and for the friendships!

Next up: Albuquerque New Mexico!

Happy adventures friends!