How To Train Your Dragon Finale

Let your kids live out their dreams. Don’t just tell them to dream in their heads. Help out to walk out their imagination in tangible ways.

The other night we finished the 12th and final How To Train Your Dragon book. It was sad, joyous and so beautiful. There’s so much we can talk about when it comes to being true to yourself and embracing your calling because of these books. They will definitely hold a special place in my heart.

So after the last book was read we took him to see the final movie. But not just as a fan. As Hiccup himself with all of the Kings lost things (minus the throne or the crown). The fang free dragon (the best lost thing), the key that opens all locks, the ticking thing, the arrow from the land that does not exist, the Roman shield, Grimbeard’s second best sword and the dragons jewel. Last night we let him become his hero to make an ordinary outing magical.

I loved watching him walk through the theater. There was a confidence carried within him. You could see the quiet pride that swelled so tall and others took notice of the hero in their presence. For a moment he was not my little boy. He was a hero.

For it is their dreams and imagination that we should let flourish. Only then do all the possibilities that lie within the pages come to life. If we truly want them to believe they can be anything, we should let them.