Hardcore rock for a 5 year old

I just spent my evening making my 5 year old his own custom pre-approved playlist. Not of fuzzy kiddo sing songs. Of hard punk Christian rock. Bands like Skillet (his favorite), Red, Flyleaf, old school Kutless, Pillar, Decyfer Down, Fireflight Disciple and We As Human. This is his kind of music.


Whether we want to admit it or not our kids are growing up. Becoming their own humans. With their own style and tastes in music and personality. Parts of them we can shape and parts of them are who they are. It’s who they were made to be.


Music is so often forgotten as a tool. As an expression. As a celebration. It can be an outlet or a lifeline. Something to express feelings he may not know how to work through. It will be there with him when he wants to be alone or when he doesn’t want to talk. It can also be a way for him to celebrate, to be brave, that he matters, that he is able to do mighty things, to remember how important he is. Even in the hard screaming punk rock sound, the lyrics can still be beautiful. Just like him. But it only works if we listen to who they are and choose what they connect with.


Rather than ignore the fact that he is becoming his own person, I want to give him tools to take with him as he grows. I want to help him to have those resources for the hard days. I want to know who he is as early as I can so I can cultivate it to grow strong and fierce. I want to give him space to be him and know that I love him for that.


Don’t be afraid to let them lead.

Don’t be afraid to let them explore.

Don’t be afraid to let them grow up.

You just might find out how crazy amazing they are.

© 2018 The Traveling Taylor Tribe