Good Friday

This is not another look at how much I read my perfectly staged bible post.

This thing is dusty and has sat in my nightstand for too many weeks...some seasons it’s a month. It’s forgotten in the hustle of life. Prayers go up with little effort to the relationship that answers them. Life gets in the way of the life that made a way. This is a bible that is not used like it should be and a heart that is honest about their shortcomings.

I would have failed so miserably trying to keep up all the rules before Jesus. It was too much for any one person to maintain. And God knew it.

Good Friday is so overwhelming. I am far from perfect but years ago I found myself wandering in the darkness of a life on a lost path. If we think back to every failure, every mistake, everything we have messed up whether known or done in secret. Think about the magnitude of how much that is when you add it all together. It’s enormous.

And it was gone in an instant.

He could have stopped it.

He could have gotten down.

But he didn’t.

He knew how desperately we needed the freedom of the cross and the gift of salvation to anyone who asked.

When you fully understand the magnitude of how much you are forgiven. How freely that forgiveness comes or how undeserved it is.

It’s overwhelming.

Happy Good Friday.