Finding Our Perfect RV

Finding a house is stressful. Finding a tiny home that your family will be living in as they move all over the country...I greatly underestimated how intense that journey would be. They say that God's plans are always greater than ours and I am starting to walk a journey where that truth is revealing itself in the most beautiful story.

The story of our RV, of our new home, is just that. Another chapter in this walk of faith.

However many houses we looked at when buying a house, it was double the amount of RV's. Our evenings were spent messaging for sale ads back and forth. I wanted a rear bunk, he wanted a mid bunk & neither one of us was budging. Round and round we went for what seemed like months because nothing was perfect. Nothing ticked all the boxes on our different lists. At some point all the RV's started to blend together, look alike, seem like the same one. So we went to an RV show...and ended up leaving with the same questions we came in with. RV shows are so fantastic. But mostly for people who are retired. Without kids. Oh and who don't need a separate room for them. So back to the late night online searches we went. I felt like we were grappling. Like no matter which one we looked at the stress of possibly getting it wrong outweighed any peace we might have had. Trying to find an RV that we could force to work & not finding the right RV that was meant to work.

And then we found it. My husband tagged me in a facebook add of a RV that was everything we wanted and everything we said we weren't going to buy. It was too long, over our rice and beans budget and in another state just like all of the other ones. Except this time instead of sounding my instant "No" like every other one I paused. And looked at it. Really looked at it. And I saw my home. Not just the RV that we would call home, but my current home. The kitchen looked the same, the kids bedroom was exactly how I would have done it, the walls, curtains, couch and cupboards were all the same as our house. It was as if we just turned our sticks & brick house into an RV. It was perfect and we both knew it. No matter how much we tried to justify not buying it, making excuses for why it wouldn't work and feeling as if God really doesn't just give you exactly what you pray for...sometimes he does. And we knew it.

So I sent her a message knowing she was being flooded with inquiries based on the amount of comments that were racking up on the add. I told her I knew there was a lot of interest coming in with offers on the table. I didn't know what else to do except tell her I believed that this could be the answer to our prayers, that I didn't know how but I knew we could make this work and send her our About Me page. She was warm and sweet while letting me know someone was going to look at it the next day. The same day we were going to our second RV show. So this time when we went to the show we had a mission to walk through the same kind of RV that we were now looking to buy. Except this time as we stood in a brand new one at the dealers repair shop with a slide it didn't open all the way, it was different. What once was way to much suddenly didn't seem so big, the price didn't seem so lofty and it was if I could feel God outstretching his hand asking me to trust him.

The person looking to buy the RV choose to purchase a new model instead of ripping out the bunk beds I loved so much. The owners told us of how they had prayed over this RV before they ever owned it and has been filled with God's spirit every day after. We found out that all of us had been praying for each other through out the week, asking God for this to be his will. With every text to each other our lives began to seem more similar and our friendship began to blossom. God had given us the desires of our heart but I had to stop trying to define what his will was and just let go. When I was searching for an RV I wanted this length, this price, this layout, blah blah blah. Eventually I realized I had to really truly trust him with every aspect of the journey he is calling us on. Once I finally learned to let go and let God he brought the most amazing experience I could have ever dreamed up. At one point because of the bank the sale almost fell through. Instead of stressing out we found ourselves praying together apart and together over the phone. When they came to deliver it we began to lift each others families up to the Lord. As they were driving here through a terrible storm I felt led to text them my prayers for their family and as she read it out loud the clouds parted to the most spectacular sunset. I will always remember the moment we waited in the parking lot outside of the bank anxiously. The moment I saw it turn the corner down the block my eyes filled with tears and I couldn't help but become overwhelmed with seeing what God had delivered. Our home.

Which is finally here.

Thank you will never be enough to Jeremy and Jaime from No Place Not Home for blessing us with their friendship and entrusting us with their home. We promise to these walls with adventure and love. We love you so much.