Finding Friends

Fulltime living, constantly moving, always new cities. These are the reasons people said that our kids would never make friends while living on the road fulltime. So much talk about how they’d never establish bonds.

From day one every place we’ve gone out kids have said “I wonder how many friends I’m going to make here”. This guy is only slightly older than our oldest. They have been playing every day from the moment they wake up to the moment we force them inside for dinner. Their imagination creates worlds, stories and more jokes about farting our exploding chickens than I’d admit (because well they’re 5 and 6). Traveling does not stop the ability to connect with others. It opens doors to make friends with different kids in different places, with different beliefs, from different cultures and that look different than the bubble we left behind. I have never seen the shyness of our introvert melt away so fast than it has once we started traveling.

Here’s to a world of exploration and an ocean of new friendships.