Down a Dusty Road // Ketchum, Idaho

We took our behemoth on its first multi day boondocking trip out in the woods without any idea as to where we would camp. With a rig as big as ours and loads of trees around every turn we decided to hit up the recreational office first which was incredibly helpful! Their knowledge of which campgrounds or roads had too many trees or too tight of corners brought our options down to a handful. To add to that there was a mountain bike race that weekend so we opted for the less traveled end of the road in the woods. It was 3 miles of the most intense washboard dirt roads I've ever experienced. I thought we were going to shake our RV apart at 3 miles an hour.

However it was definitely worth it. When we rolled up we had literally JUST enough space to shove our big mamma jamma between the trees and open up our slides. I am continually amazed by Cody's parking abilities in so many different situations. We barely parked before our boys were launching themselves out of the truck and into the wilderness.

Our Eno hammock is by far one of the kids favorite things. Every time we go on an adventure in the woods or even back at home this was always the first thing that they ask to be put up. It is their rocket ship, pirate boat, race car, airplane, hiding spot, secret cave and so much more. I hope their Auntie Emma who gifted this to us knows how many worlds and planets they've voyaged to hidden inside.

Even though we took our house camping I still wanted it to feel like camping. I have always saved s'mores and roasting marshmallows for when we go on camping...or in the full-time life glamping. Our kids live for roasting marshmallows and our littlest will tell you that second to peanut butter, it's his absolute favorite food on earth.

This place has more wild open spaces for the kids to run than we've ever experienced. They were so free during the day. Exploring at their core of their soul. Each morning we spent time catching grasshoppers, which surprisingly our littlest is apparently a bug whisperer. In the afternoons we would wander the fields, inspect old logs, try to find the biggest fire ant hill and built forts within the trees. These truly are the only photos I have of them playing because I was so captivated by watching them live out this space and this adventure.

If there is dirt, he will find it. If mud can be made, he will make it. If a mess is a blip of a possibility, he is your sure bet. Always my wild child. Always covered from head to toe in earth.

Our oldest demanded that he be the honorary hot dog roaster. Meanwhile our little always takes a moment when we give him a marshmellow. Every time he does it, I laugh because there's just so much joy in it for him. Never have I seen a child savor a food the way he does with his first marshmallow.

In the end, this camping weekend was everything we needed. It breathed life back into our full-time shell shocked lives allowing us time to pause. For a weekend we didn't worry about where we would be going on our next contract, how we would get there, or even what our tomorrow looked like. It was a weekend for rest, discovering the woods and exploring our country. This weekend was exactly what we hoped for in leaving it all behind.