Do what you can with what you have

Do what you can,

with what you have,

where you are.

Theodore Roosevelt

This is the gym motto that I have fiercely tried to live by every time I enter the box. When I show up I give MY all, where IM at, to the best of MY abilities. If I was to try and do weights well above my means just because they’re on the board then I’d be asking for injury. If I tried to compare myself to people who have been doing this for years and are in peak shape then I’d rob myself of self appreciation. If I tried to keep my expectations of myself based on someone else’s score they’ve worked towards for so long well then there’s really no point in trying is there.

I have absolutely loved the open games this year even as a rookie not even 9 months into my CrossFit experience. Are they grueling? In the worst way yes! Have I done as well as others? Hell no! Am I still gonna show up every freaking week and do all that I can, where I’m at, so next year I can SEE MY OWN IMPROVEMENT. Damn straight l am.

Whether your goal is getting more weight in the bar, mastering doubles, just doing endless negatives so you can one day do ONE freaking pull-up or even just making it to the gym a few days a week get after it! Write it down so you can cross that crap off one day! Chase it down with all that YOU have and don’t mind no one else but yourself.