Diamond P Horse Ranch

When we decided to visit Yellowstone we couldn't find a place that had enough openings to stay every night in one place. So instead of staying at an RV park we used HipCamp to find a local farm that also rented space to RV owners. This place was AMAZING! We hooked up behind a horse corral that had water and 30 amp electric. On the other side of the RV is a giant, picturesque open tall grass field that falls just below the hills. To the right of the RV was the most amazing mountainside that the sun set behind giving us incredible sunsets ever evening.

The kids had so much room to roam, run wild and be loud without disturbing anyone nearby. After asking the owners, the next evening we drove down the driveway to visit the neigh-bors (dad joke haha). All of the horses were so friendly and loved the attention. It was one of those evenings that just seems too perfect.

At night we got to look up at the stars which surrounded us all the way around. It was one of the first time I saw the Milky Way so clearly. Never have I seen so many stars all around us. We stayed up using the Starry Night App looking at all of the constellations above us.

The owners were kind and generous. Booking our site was easy. Hands down this was so much better than an RV park. If you're near Yellowstone we HIGHLY recommend this any day!