Dear weary mama

To the weary ones.

Take heart tired mama.

You’ve done it all. Read every book. Tried every trick. Used every method. Taken all the advice. You have slept in cribs, on floors and in chairs. Your muscles ache from rocking, holding and bouncing long into the night. You have tried everything. Everything.

Mama you have done it all and done it well. This one is not on you. Don’t wear that heavy laden lie that this season of exhausted beyond comprehension is your fault or that you caused this. That somehow their refusal to rest is your doing. Sweet mama, this is not your fault.

They are not broken.

You didn’t get a bad egg.

There is nothing wrong with them.

So let the eyebrows raise, the advice flow and the opinions stay where they are. Know that it will get better. As I rock my current terrible sleeper my previous one is asleep in the next room. It seems like so many years ago we thought it would never end. That sleep deprivation would be our life’s story. The fog was too thick to see through back then. Yet little by little, so slowly we didn’t even see it happening, it lifted. And one day we looked back realizing we were on the other side.

I do not have the answers.

But I am here.

Alongside you.

Whether it’s 2pm or 3am.

To the weary ones.

I see your struggle.