Crossfit Albuquerque

Coming into a box as a new person can take a bit of time to get used to things. Coming in when the box is new, merging or changing around a bit can often mean it will take even more time to adjust. I hope that any box that ever goes through a major change does it with the ease, class and dedication to it's clients the way that Crossfit Albuquerque did. From the moment I stepped in I was welcomed as others went out of their way to make sure this place was as much my home as my box back in Oregon. Even though they are going through some dynomite renovations I wanted to share a bit about the box that made me fall in love with Crossfit all over again.

Their entrance by now has been blessed with a SWEET new paint overhaul. When I walked it you could tell they really are all about the community and fellowship that happens AT the box. Whether there's a group hanging out discussing their next get together, everyone grabbing some coffee or just going over the WOD there's always laughter and conversation here.

Y'all. They have a kids room WITH CHILDCARE! Let me repeat that for the people in the back. SOMEONE WATCHES YOUR KIDS while you get your sweat on! I thought I died and went to workout heaven when I heard that someone else was going to keep my monsters entertained so I could focus on my form and not giving out the hard mom stare. Whats even better is Jack is the best person ever with the kiddos. You can tell that his passion for kids goes beyond being an amazing Kids Crossfit coach. Anytime I'd go back he's either playing games, coloring, helping kids with their schoolwork, reading or on the floor playing legos. Regularly my kids would ask when I was going to the gym so that they could hang out with Mr. Jack while I worked out. I cannot express what it's like to workout and not worry about the kiddos. Let all of us parents say our Amens and rejoice in this blessing haha

This is hands down, bar non, the most AMAZING goals and PR board I have EVER seen. I was lucky enough to catch it the day after it was finished when it was still clean. This board is covered with all sorts of goals people are working towards. I love that they keep it right at the entrance so that every time you step on that mat you're reminded of what you're working towards. Kim Jackson is a local to Albuquerque artist that has INSANE talent. Having her touch here takes this box up a few steps and puts so much beauty into what everyone is working so hard towards.

When I first walked in you could feel the community within the walls. Some places you can just tell give off that neighborhood family box. The one where everyone comes to. The place that is a home away from home. This place always had that sense of family from the moment you walked in.

One thing I love is how much they are always thinking about their members in the littlest ways. The rig is a great example of that. There were different heights, different widths, different textures of bars. Its just another way that they try to make sure everyone has exactly what kind of bar they need to get them to where they were going. Personally I chose the powder coated bar every time, but they also had different ones which allowed everyone to find their jam.

There was not a single day that I was there when I felt like we had run out of weights. Everyone always had what they needed and there was no shortage. Plus their ability to easy organize things in ways that were simple meant equipment got put back where it went the first time. Like I said, it's the little things.

Good grief where do I begin with these lovely people. Ive been to a lot of boxes and met a lot of coaches. If I was to think about something that set them apart it would be the fact that each coach breaths Crossfit as if they breath air. These are not people who are coming in, punching a clock and heading home. This is their passion and every member is better because of it. These coaches are constantly working to the next level in certification, spending hours researching different lifting techniques, watching endless coaching videos and taking extra classes. Why do they do it? Because they love the sport and their members. I have had more Ah-Ha moments at this gym than I can count. Their ability to modify is vast and wide allowing everyone to do the workout in a way that they need. Whether you're just sore and not on your best or still working up to that first pull-up they have got you covered five different ways! Not to mention their programming is incredible and done by them. One thing I love about that is they know their members so well, they can program a schedule that will challenge every person no matter where their at, while also creating growth. Their passion goes to the core and is poured out to every member. It's so hard to explain just what an incredible thing that is unless you've experienced it.

Even after moving on I know that any time I need anything, this team is here not just for me, but for anyone that walks through that door. Crossfit Albuquerque has given me deep friendships and an even deeper passion to pursue this amazing sport. There are a lot of gyms to choose from in the area, but I will tell you this is the place to be.