Check Your Pride

Today I caught myself.

Traveling to new gyms is hard. Especially when you move every 3 months as a traveler. Every box has its own group of athletes, it’s own teaching style and it’s own level of intensity. Each time you step into a new box, you are starting fresh, adjusting, finding your place.

I hold a high standard on personal performance. At my old box I was one level, at a different much bigger box I was at completely different level. The adjustment has been much more than I anticipated. I am excited to be at a place where the bar is set so high (hehehe). Yet I found myself often frustrated that I wasn’t where I wanted to be or where I thought I was.

Enter the excuses.

There were tons of them. Without intention or hesitation they came rolling out. All of them shifting my frustration to somewhere else...except me.

After leaving recently, especially frustrated, I sat in my truck. With my callused hands that I was so mad at for not being able to do what I wanted them to do, I scrolled through the CrossFit game updates. Staring at athletes, reading their stories, looking at lifting form. I realized something in that moment. All these athletes, whether in a small gym, big gym or at the games, are the athlete they choose to be. A person could have the best trainers, the healthiest nutrition, all the time in the world, every piece of equipment they needed and it they would still be a terrible athlete if they let themself be.

At the end of the day it’s us who chooses to show up, despite obstacles. It’s us who chooses to eat right, despite convenience. It’s us who chooses to ask questions about technique, welcome endless critique in form and strive for perfection despite pride or level of fitness. It’s up to use to do the research of we don’t have the tools. At the end of the day we choose our attitude...and often we’ll take in what it puts out. Doing CrossFit is not about becoming the best faster than the next person. As my current box says “it’s about learning to do it right so you can enjoy it for as many years as possible.” CrossFit is never about anyone else except yourself.

Check your pride at the door.

There’s work to be done.