Captain America Saves Dinnertime // Oregon Lifestyle Photographer

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

I have such respect for parents who fully embrace childhood for all that it is. Every single day can be filled with magical, imaginative, wonderful dreams. As parents we have the ability to bring their daydreams to life by fanning the fire of make believe.

We may have gotten some raised eyebrows, some head turns, some whispered judges as we laughed through every isle. Oh but this sweet boys mama paid no attention and just kept on about her errand. He pretended to fly high above the city from the bottom of his cart. He tried convincing her that Captain America needs a good sugar rush in order to fight bad guys. Yet even this superhero is not above being put in the cart, along with his action figures which were trapped in the green prison bars.

Here's to you super mom. Thanks to your superhero powers dinner was saved, dreams were had and childhood was protected. All by 5pm too!