Being A Mom Is My Side Hustle

5.5 Years.

That’s how long I have waited to be a stay at home mom. After my first was born I had only 2 months and after my second was born I had only 3 months at home. I’ve waited so long for this season. To wake up with my kids as my agenda. To do all the boring mommy, wifey, homemaker things.

So to the ones asking if I want freedom with a little bit of hustle or that I have this amazing talent I could turn into a gig or that I could change so many lives.

Hear me out.

I did hustle since I was 16 working 2 jobs for this season. I have a talent of words and photos that I am finally using for myself. I am changing the lives of these three handsome men right here.

I’m not saying I’ll never start a thing or be a boss babe or grow a team. What I am saying is I have put in work for this moment. I am finally here. At home, every day. I want a break from any hustle. I want to enjoy this season. I want my social media to remain for just that, socializing. Not once will I feel bad for saying thank you but no thanks to all your lovely invites. Not once will I feel guilty for not making another buck. Not once will I feel less accomplished for being “just” a stay at home mom and wife to these studs. I will no longer allow anyone to shame or guilt me into feeling like this is the wrong choice.

Because just as I have waited 5.5 years for have they.