An Author Out Of The Ashes

What a wild 5 years of friendship it’s been. I had to make sure it’s only been 5 years because honestly it feels like we’ve been besties forever. You were a puzzle piece to my life I never knew I needed.

You are many things in life: a mom, a wife, a friend, a seeker of social justice, an oversharer and demanded of equality. But today all of that is rolled into your new title. Today you are a published author.

This book is so much more than simply words on a page. It is the mountaintop to this very long and hard journey. It is a whisper of purpose into so much long suffering. It is the beautiful light we have clung to in so many dark moments. So many times through our friendship that I have asked God to not take you from me, so many nights we have sat in the ER together, so many days I have prayed for your healing. This book is a celebration of goodness to all that we’ve walked through. To me it means you’re still here with me. That we’ve made it through.

This book will go forth to in turn be a light to others darkness, comfort in the midsts if trial, a connection for those who feel alone and a hand leading the lost back to the arms of our father. Your book is everything this world needs today. It’s not another here’s some rainbows in the midst of your rain storm. It’s heart that sits down with you and holds an umbrella and waits for the rain to pass. Today it sent out as lifelines into the world and far across the lands.

Thank you for never giving up. Thank you for pushing through so much pain. Thank you for enduring. Thank you for writing this.

Ladies and gentlemen:

Stephanie Tait...Published. Author.