Admitting I’m a CrossFitter

Today was a day that I finally “got” a lot of things. Of CrossFit, of myself, of what this all is. Today was a day that it all clicked.

I went into the CrossFit Games 19.2 workout with very realistic goals. I said my prayers asking for extra strength since I’ve only been doing this a couple days a week for 7 months. I expected to get to one lift of 95lbs in the third round. Maybe. Hopefully.

I wasn’t even paying attention to how many rounds I had done but I got to my final lift and out of nowhere there was my community standing around me screaming encouragement, believing I could do it. And for the first time I believed I could do it too. Up went the bar with all that I had.

I had cleaned my last rep.

I had made it into the 4th round.

After I was done they told me that they had to quickly pull out more weight because since I didn’t believe I’d even get to 95lbs I didn’t pull any extra weight out. I had doubled what I had hoped to do today. And even though I came in with no faith, the CrossFit Power Valley community already had all the faith in me. I almost didn’t sign up for these insane workouts but I’m so glad I did.


I used to be among the mockers, the eye rollers, the naysayers of all this ridiculous CrossFit life.

And still I came.

Still I tried.

Still they welcomed.


But today...I get it.

Without any of this I would have never realized all that lies within me.

Today I am a CrossFitter.