A Very RV Christmas

So this is actually the second Christmas we had. This year we had one Christmas with each family since we're not sure when the next one at home will be. It has been such a sweet time with the boys and family. Totally disconnecting and being intentional.

Luckily this trip to the RV was much less eventful. Aside from the kids being sick and not sleeping (weee) it was actually pretty fun. These kids while they may be whiny, are pretty resilient. We finally got out in the very cold but sunny day for an epic time playing in puddles. I have to say the country has the best puddles around! It was really sweet to see Little Bear help Little Bug experience mud puddles for the first time. They were so cute together. Also that rain/snow suit that our littlest is wearing is AMAZING! I need to do a whole separate post just on that thing because no matter how caked in mud or soaking wet he gets, inside he's dry as a bone and clean as a whistle. All the praise hands mamas!

Christmas was very simply but absolutely so sweet. Cody and I skipped Christmas gifts this year mostly because we bought a truck...and a fifth wheel...and stuff to go with it. But we had a very sweet Christmas even filled with warm drinks and good conversation. The littlest got some trucks he won't stop playing the music on. Our oldest made us Christmas ornaments at school that were so cute. Finally that silly elf on a shelf seemed to have tried to hide Little Bears last present. We took a Huskey tool box and organized all of his legos in it by color and type. Now he doesn't have to worry so much about trying to find the right piece in one giant random tub. Oh and don't worry, he's pretty meticulous so he'll be fine keeping it organized.

Finally we tapped of four holiday with hot cocoa and endless Christmas specials.

Is there any other way to celebrate?