A Place That Has It All // Wallowa, Oregon

When we were planning our trip to Idaho we knew we needed to break up the drive. I mean traveling with kids is never a straight shot. One of the places we wanted to visit was Wallowa Lake outside of Joseph Oregon. We decided to stay at the Park At The River RV Park. This park was one of the nicest parks we have stayed at so far. The park is relatively small and they do note that triple axel's or RV's over 40 feet may not fit around the turns. Being right around 40 feet we sit pretty snuggly. The park itself is split up into 2 breathtaking sections, one for full hookups and one down below on the riverbank for dry camping. Every evening we would wander around the river and watch the deer wander through the campground. The kids thought it was the greatest thing they've ever experienced. Even though it's amazing to see I did make them stay a good distance away and explained that while they seem tame wild animals should always be respected and treated as wild. For about 30 minutes our oldest tried to feed it grass while the little one hollered for it to come closing (ensuring it wouldn't). The camp manager was the sweetest woman and was a joy to visit with each day. All in all we absolutely would recommend this RV park and definitely plan on visiting it again.

While we are there we got to visit with our dear friend and the kids sitter Maddy & her boyfriend (who proposed! See the blog post here). It was such a sweet blessing to have them coincidently be camping the same weekend at the same place as us! The kids loved that they got to go camping with their Mae Mae.

After an exciting afternoon of proposals and visiting we decided to ride the Wallowa Lake Tramway up to the summit. This is definitely one of the more costly things to do in the city. We are pretty frugal and usually try to find any and all free events or things to do when we travel. When we launched we decided that since we'd be somewhere for about 3 months wed do one big thing in each place. Even though it was about $90 for the four of us to take the tram (even the littles are full price) IT. IS. WORTH IT! We would so encourage everyone to have the experience of seeing the views from the tops of the mountains. It's something I will never forget as it was one of the most breathtaking things I've ever seen.

Let me clarify there are really only these two photos from the tram because I am EXTREMELY afraid of heights and was focusing on not having a panic attack. When we launched I committed to not letting my fear of heights stop me from seeing the country. That being said Cody was very kind in not rocking the tram while I held on to the pole with white knuckles and focused on breathing.

We've never experienced snowcap mountains in the middle of the summer before. The kids thought a snowball fight was the best surprise waiting for them.

Take the tram. Don't ask questions, just do it. These views will be with us forever.

Our two year old sat happily in our Dueter backpack taking in the views. This pack has definitely been one fo the best traveling investments. Especially when you have a runner like we do and you're surrounded by big mountain drop offs.

The wildlife here is so used to people that the kids were able to hold out their hands for some local wildlife. The littles thought this was the absolute highlight to the trip despite the views. Our youngest repeatedly asked me if we could take them home with us. So sorry little love, that's a hard no.

Aside from the lake, rivers and views there are many other things to do here. There are go karts, mini golf, an arcade and many other activities for families. Definitely one of the funnest places we have visited!

Adventure on friends!