A 5 Year Olds Response To The Shootings

Yesterday our 5 year old heard about the shootings. We try to talk through these things instead of dismiss them or hide them. after all, it’s his world too. So that evening as we laid down I asked him what questions he had about it. After going through endless questions and many topics that ranged from details to mental health to angry hearts and literally everything in between he was quiet. I asked him what he thought or if he had any more questions.

Son: Mom, what if he was a good guy?

Me: The bad guy? You mean the shooter?

Son: Yeah. What if he was actually a good guy but like didn’t know it. Like what if he just didn’t know anyone loved him? What if no one told him God loved him. What if no one ever said they loved him. Maybe he didn’t know that and that’s why he was angry. Someone should have told him.

Me: 😳🤯😭 I didn’t know what else to do in that moment but hold him and tell him how much I loved him. That I was sorry I didn’t have all the answers. How I wished I could fix our broken world.

To my little love, I am always so overwhelmed by how deep you love or how big your heart is. I wish the world was that simple, that change could come that easily and that we could save them all. I’m so sorry this world is such a dark place. Until then, be the light that you are and shine for those who can’t. Never stop trying to spread your sunshine, you don’t know who may need it. Don’t let the world over complicate caring for others or try to tell you who deserve love. Everyone deserves it.

We need kind ones like you little love.

We need hearts as big as yours.

We need love.